Trekking the Gavarres mountains + wine tasting in a local winery from Empordà. Breathe through the Girona green area of Gavarres mountains while having a stroll with family or friends, and discover megalithic monuments along the way. You can also enjoy visiting lovely Masies (Catalan cottages) with wineries from Empordà region, in order to find out how… Lees meer »

Meeting “Pedralta”

Op zaterdag 19 mei wordt in Pedralta, tussen Sant Feliu de Guíxols en Santa Cristina d’Aro de 53è Aplec “Pedralta” gevierd met Sardanas, Havaneras, Kinderspectakels, Chocoladefeesten en nog veel meer. Een typische traditionele Catalaanse viering voor heel de familie. Voor meer informatie hoeft u enkel een email te sturen naar De Pedralta was de grootste rockende… Lees meer »

Nieuw web

We wanted to make a tailor-made website, according to all the questions and suggestions we have recollected within the last few years. We have tried to guess the most important information you wanted to have in order for you to organise your holidays, such as where each bungalow is, what facilities you will find, what do you… Lees meer »